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Brittany Danielle Withers


In Honor and remembrance of Brittany Danielle Withers and all those around America"s Nation that have died by drug overdose..It will be Supporting the creation of the Brittany Act that stands for truth and change to policies and laws. 1- Nobody will ever be refused help or treatment due to facial wounds or any other reason.
Support to Create The Brittany Withers Wall.. To honor the lives and remembrance of those that died by Drug Overdose.. People can submit names and photos with a written memory of their loved ones lost in this epidemic and war on drugs.


Mike Aloia


Mike has been a truly valued member of the Brittany's Love Organization family since 2018. Mike initiates, organizes, and promotes new programs for our staff, members, and volunteers.

Founder/ Owner: American Hearts Radio:


Earl 'LeeBird' Hayes

Board Chairman

Social Media

With a keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, no-text is committed to changing the world. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Board Chairman, and we’re so happy to have Earl as part of the Brittany's Love Organization team.

Founder/ Owner: Honor Veterans Radio

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