Welcome to Brittany's Wall Of Honor, Love, and Remembrance.

This us Hallowed Ground, So Please Be Respectful.

With This Honor/ Remember Wall, We'll Remember your

Family, Friend, Co-Worker, Colleague, and anyone you wish to honor

That was Lost to this horrible Dragon, (heroin or other drug).


If you would Like to Honor/ Remember your Loved one, we'd Love to as well, for all time. These were all good people, just got caught up in a bad situation.

We Love and Honor Each One.

God Bless, and Prayers to the families.

Please join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/brittanyslove/

Post your memory on that group please, and we'll post it here.

Thank you and God Bless.


Mr. Ronald Bell (Fred)

June 2018


 Leslie Harvey Smith:

March 2016

Laced Heroin.

Jessica Porter RIP: 2/14/12. 
Born 7/25/89. 
Forever 22

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