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A Gift Of The Heart, philanthropy with fighting cancer.

Instead of paying for stuff I'm making available my films to you for free right now so you have some entertainment enjoy>

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Diana Lenska

Trapped in the house? Need a good laugh? FREE to watch on Amazon Prime, the hilarious, delightful 1948 genre comedy


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Frank J. Coiro at the age of 25. His life ahead of him, with all the same hopes and dreams we all have. He served his country and when he needed the proper care as an elderly veteran he instead received a wrongful death. A procedure done wrong without the proper follow-up or care. The system failed him. His doctors covered their mistakes NEVER expecting that the truth would be uncovered of what had been done to him. All the mistakes and errors that snowballed leading to his unnecessary death. NOW, this Marine Veteran is still waiting for the justice he deserves for the justice he wanted me to help him obtain, not realizing...HE WAS A DEAD MAN WALKING and died just a couple of days after asking me to help him expose what his doctors did to him and to this day, have still gotten away with. JUSTICE FOR FRANKIE!!!


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