Formally Known As: Honor Veterans Radio

"This is our Story, And We're Sticking to It"


"Radio Station Honor Veterans Radio Features Nashville Artists'':

There is a radio station owned and operated by a compassionate Ex-Navy man who served on the USS Sampson DDG 10 as shown in the photo. The ex-navy man’s real name is Earl Hayes but his D.J. Name is LeeBird. I asked him how he got that nickname and he tells me he was Dubbed LeeBird from one of his bands in his past. He tells me that one of his favorite songs was always Free Bird and he used to ask the band to perform it. One day his bass player said to him, “Okay Lee Bird we will play your Free Bird,” and it stuck. His radio station is so different from any other radio stations I have ever known as he has a very specific mission statement that everyone should read. His mission statement is as follows: Our mission is to create visibility for the problems that affect our Veterans and help to create solutions for those problems. To help get back to basics in places like the VFW’s.
- Donna Nolan Wilson, The Examiner (Aug 31, 2014)


Being an Online, Internet Radio Station, (One of the very first in support of our military),
There is really no way to give an accurate account of the listener base.
We do have Listeners in Most all the states in the U.S., as well as the U.K. Germany, Italy, Morocco,
Japan, Mexico, Canada and more.....

Because there are so many ways to tune in to internet radio, (as I provide more than one stream), The Listeners
have many choices to be able to tune in, Via The Website Link, Tunein,  Web Radio Central and more.
Each site has their own way of keeping track, so if i was to ESTIMATE i would say about 1,000 Listeners Worldwide.

The cost for advertising on the station is a flat $25.00/ week with one month paid up front
(We provide immediate receipts through the radio paypal account ).

For your $25.00/ week or $100.00 / Month payment you receive:
1 - 1 (one) :60 Second audio voiceover ad. You can  provide the script, or you may provide us with BULLET POINTS
    of what must be said in the audio ad. We will then record the ad, and submit to you, staying in full
    contact with you at all times, and we work together to create the best ad for your needs.
2 - Placement of your clickback banner on the radio website, (If you have one, we can use that, or we can
      create one for you and no extra charge, and it is posted on the radio website, that clicks back to you.
3 - We provide an EXTRA FEATURE, for all paying sponsors: "You can CALL-IN to the station, (Optional), and talk
      about your company/ organization and/ or yourself and what you do". We can CREATE a 1/2 special show just
      on and about YOU. This program will be recorded and replayed at various times a week, (Until you say stop).

We believe in the 'FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS' Plan. The one thing we ask from you:
>> Please post our banner and link on your website(s) and social media's <<
(This way we are helping each other to grow and get the word out about what we both do).

"We are a Family-Friendly Internet Radio Station, Dedicated to the Troops, Veterans, First Responders and all Family-Friendly
Independent Artists" !!

We have been VIP to some of the largest events in the Chicago area:
** VIP to
** VIP to
** VIP to Lynyrd Skynyrd/ ZZ Top show In Cincinnati 2013
** VIP to Lynyrd Skynyrd/ Bad Company in Cincinnati 2013 - An Evening With Beka - Sponsored By BootLegger Guitar
Sept. 07,2016 at 4 pm cst.