Igor Nadjiev "The Phantom of the Opera"
Show "NEBULAE", Las Vegas, 2000

Igor Nadjiev was born in Astrakhan on November 13, 1967. From the age of 4 he begins to study music. Studying at three schools at the same time: general education, art and music at the Astrakhan State Conservatory, the future artist simultaneously plays in the performances of the theater studio of the Astrakhan Palace of Pioneers. At the age of 14, he received an invitation to become a soloist of the VIA of the Astrakhan Knitwear Factory and in 1983 entered the conductor-choral department of the Astrakhan Musical College named after I. M.P. Mussorgsky.

During the years of study at the school, Nadjiev became a local pop star and in 1986 was nominated by the Astrakhan Regional Philharmonic Society for the first professional competition in its life - the VI All-Russian competition for the best performance of the Soviet pop song "Sochi-86".

Since 1986, Igor Nadjiev's creative take-off began. He became a laureate of major competitions many times and received awards. During his creative career on the stage of the Moscow State Variety Theater, the artist showed seven of his best solo show programs, and also released seven albums.

Igor Nadjiev is well known to the Russian audience for his songs "Well, kiss", "Wedding candles", "Our honor", "Darkie", "There is only a moment", "God save Russia!", "In the Russian heart ...", " Mother's memory "," Song about father ", etc.

Nadjiev calls two people his "godparents" in his work: the poet Leonid Derbenev and the composer Maxim Dunaevsky. The fruit of this creative union was songs for four feature films. Working on the paintings "The Musketeers Twenty Years Later" and "The Secret of Queen Anne" brought Igor great fame and recognition of a wide audience.

In July 2000, Igor Nadjiev took part in the Nebulae show, organized in Las Vegas (USA) specifically in order to introduce the Western public to little-known singers and dancers from Russia and Eastern Europe. The name for the show was not chosen by chance: "nebula" (translated from English. "Nebula") - "a group of stars that are too far away to be seen separately." Among these stars were sisters Tatyana and Elena Zaitsevs, Sergei Izbash and Igor Nadjiev.

Alas, the show did not gain popularity in Las Vegas and was not appreciated by the Western public. Therefore, less than two months later it had to be closed due to low attendance.

Nevertheless, we are interested in this show first of all because Igor Nadzhiev performed in it a very peculiar cover of the title aria from Webber's musical, which we bring to your attention.

Igor Nadjiev


Igor Nadjiev is the legendary Russian singer, performer, songwriter and actor. Igor gained immense popularity in Russia after he performed soundtracks in the famous films "The Musketeers 20 Years Later" and "The Secret of Queen Anne" based on the novel by Alexander Dumas.
The song "KISS ME" was released in 1991 and became Igor's very first breakthrough in the music industry in Eastern Europe. In the late 90s Igor was invited to perform in one of the most famous American shows "Nebulae" in Las-Vegas where Igor was a huge success. In the United States of America Igor was named the brightest artist in Russian show business.. Igor is currently producing his new songs and is very active and successful in performing in Russia.
"KISS ME" song credits:
Music by Igor Nadjiev
Lyrics by Sergey Yesenin
Produced by Igor Nadjiev
Represented worldwide by ACN Multimedia Group and Anna C. Nova