Techwarrior Technologies LLC is the premier service provider. We have been serving the Twin Cities metro region successfully since 2006. We offer professional attitudes and a fast turnaround so you can get back to what's important as quickly as possible. Is it time to add a memory stick to your computer or laptop so your computer will be more efficient? Is your web surfing slow and frustrating?


We can diagnose why your computer system is malfunctioning and offer estimates to fix it. Depending on the type of job, we may even be able to begin working on it the same day. Computer emergencies can wreak havoc on your day. If it is something major, you may not be able to get any work done until the problem is solved.


We not only do computer repairs but we also provide consultations, wireless network setup and so much more. Would you like to learn how to use the various social media marketing websites so you can spread the word about your business or keep in touch with friends and relatives in other states?


Would you like to learn how to use your computer for everything it is designed for. Need your data... has it been lost or deleted or hard drive failed then you need data recovery one of our specialties!!!


Data Recovery: Get your data back fast with high quality data recovery!!


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Techwarrior Brand Coffee: 

Since the inception of the Techwarrior Brand and Techwarrior Technologies Products and Services it has long been our dream to bring coffee into the mix.

With our founder and his love of coffee, and also the perfect mix of techies and coffee.

It has taken us 8 years to finally achieve this dream. Along with being able to bring you a quality product and only the best coffees that our founder himself tests and approves.
Our Initial Blend is the 'Warrior Wake Up': A unique arabica morning blend ready to give you the good Warrior kick to wake you up!

With more blends to come!